A Contract of Sale has been entered into by and between, onthe one hand, Corendon Hotels & Resorts and on the other hand,the individual or organisation which has approved this agreement and purchasedaccommodation services either via the internet or the call centre (will bereferred to as the CLIENT / GUEST in this agreement), under the following termsand provisions. This hereby agreement has been executed within the framework ofthe Distant Sales Regulations and all preliminary disclosures and informationwhich were required to be provided to the Client in accordance with articles 5,6, 7 and 8 of the said regulations were providedby Corendon Hotels & Resorts prior to the execution of theagreement. 

Name/Title: Az Otel İşletmeleri Tur. İnş. Tic. LTD. ŞTİ.(Corendon Hotels & Resorts) 

Mersis (Central Registration System) Number:0127031839400019 

Address: Güzeloba Mh. Çağlayangil Cd. No: 29/B 07230Muratpaşa-Antalya /Turkey 

Tel: +90 (242) 407 00 00 

Call Centre: 444 4 885 

Fax: +90 (242) 352 17 17 

E-Mail: reservation@corendonhotels.com.tr / callcenter@corendonhotels.com.tr 

Website: www.corendonhotels.com


The subject of this hereby agreement covers the manner inwhich the accommodation services sold by Corendon Hotels &Resorts to the Client are performed and the rights and obligations of theparties. 

2.1. The HOTEL has an obligation to provide theaccommodation service in the HOTEL on the request of the GUEST, in accordancewith this hereby agreement. (Will be referred to as the SERVICE in thisagreement.) 

2.2. On signing this agreement, the GUEST confirms thathe/she has been notified of the rules for accommodation at the HOTEL, therules for reservations and the tariffs. 

2.3. On the signing of this hereby agreement and thepayment of the contract amount by the GUEST in full, the HOTEL will send theGUEST a Reservation Document (Voucher), showing the names and surnames of thepersons to be accommodated, their check-in and check-out dates, types of rooms,etc., stating that the HOTEL will provide the service requested by theGUEST. 


3.1. Reservations for the Service – Accommodation can bemade by completing the reservation form on the web page www.corendonhotels.com , or callingthe call centre on 444 48 85. 

3.2. Our Online reservation Rules and Conditions agreementis updated from time to time. The current and valid version is the onepublished at www.corendonhotels.com.tr. 

3.3. It is possible to cancel or change the dates of theaccommodation reservation made remotely with this hereby agreement. Should theGUEST wish to make any changes for any reason, after having made thereservation, the said request to make a change in the reservation will beaccepted subject to the written approval of CORENDON HOTELS & RESORTS. TheCLIENT accepts, declares and undertakes in advance that once the change hasbeen accepted, the reservation will be revised by taking into account theprices which are in place during the new accommodation dates. Reservation cancellations made 3 days prior to the accommodation date are accepted following the guest's written letter to the hotel and the hotel’s confirmation. Cancellation procedures must be carried out at least 3 days before the accommodation start date. Cancellations requested after this period are not accepted. 

3.4. Discounts for children will be applied in theevent they stay in the same room as their parents. The date of check-in intothe HOTEL will be taken into account when calculating children’s ages. Shouldit be determined that the age of the child is different than that set out inthe identity documentation requested by the authorised individual during thereservation, the necessary changes will be made in the reservation and anydifference in the amount due will be paid separately by the GUEST. 

3.5. When the reservation is confirmed by the GUEST, byguaranteeing it with a credit card, the HOTEL will also be deemed to have givenits confirmation for the reservation.  

3.6. The services which are included and not includedin the price are set out on our website, www.corendonhotels.com 

3.7. Any refunds of accommodation fees to be made by theHOTEL in accordance with the articles set out above will be made in line withthe method of payment used by the GUEST at the time of the reservation. (Shouldthe GUEST have paid by credit card, it will be refunded to the same creditcard; should he/she have paid by bank transfer, it will be refunded bytransferring it back to the same account number.) 

3.8. The procedures of the banks are valid for refundsmade to credit cards. 

3.9. The HOTEL is not responsible for any additionalexpenses arising from EFT and Transfer transactions. 

3.10. Reservations made by the GUEST cannot be transferredto 3rd parties. 

4.1. The HOTEL provides services with the concept declaredon the website, www.corendonhotels.com Any GUEST expenses outside theconcept undertaken by the HOTEL will be recorded on the room account andcollected prior to check-out. 

4.2. The age and identity of the GUEST will be checkedduring check-in. Any amounts arising from any incorrect information declared bythe GUEST will be borne by the GUEST. It is not possible for any person otherthan the person named on the reservation form to be accommodated. 

4.3. Irrespective of what time the GUEST arrives at theHOTEL, he/she accepts that he/she will not be able to enter his/her room before14:00 at the earliest, on the day of check-in and that he/she will vacatehis/her room at the latest by 12:00 on the day of check-out, irrespective ofwhat time he/she is to leave the HOTEL. The GUEST further accepts that he/shewill pay the fees for any additional services provided to him/her afterchecking-out. 

4.4. Pets are accepted by GRAND PARK LARA Hotel for efee, but not accepted by our other resorts. Pets will be accepted subject tothe conditions set out in the Household Pet Acceptance Form and approval beingobtained from the HOTE. However, the HOTEL reserves the right to remove the petfrom the resort in the event that it proves difficult to maintain the pet inthe conditions present at the resort or the pet causes a disturbance within theresort. 

Please contact the call centre at 444 4 885 for furtherinformation. 

4.5. Should the GUEST not stay at the HOTEL for thefull period of his/her reservation, after having checked into the HOTEL, forany reason, the payment he/she has made will not be refunded. 


5.1. The full amount of the reservation fee must be paid atthe time of the booking. The reservation will not be valid unless the servicefee has been paid to the HOTEL in full. 

5.2. The GUEST will enter his/her own credit card detailsinto the system on the Online reservation system or through the CallCentre. The payment cannot be made using a credit card belonging to any personother than the GUEST making the reservation. 

5.3. The HOTEL accepts that the system whereby the creditcard details and information are provided are under the protection of a specialsecurity system preventing the disclosure or copying of the information in anymanner whatsoever. The HOTEL also accepts, declares and undertakes that itcannot be responsible for any losses arising from confidential information anddocuments being accessed by third parties as a result of harmful programmes andthe negligence of the GUEST, and that it will not cover any losses as a resultof this. 

5.4. The invoice will be presented to the GUEST afterthe provision of the service and at the time of check-out from the HOTEL.Should the GUEST not collect his/her invoice at the time of check-out, it willbe sent to the address stated by the GUEST. Should the GUEST fail to state anaddress, the invoice will be sent to the contact address of the GUEST. TheHOTEL cannot be held responsible for the invoice not reaching the GUEST due tothe GUEST stating an incorrect address, failing to state the recipient or therecipient not being found at the stated address. 

5.5. Prices are inclusive of VAT and cover accommodation inthe ROOM TYPE purchased by the GUEST for the period set out in theaccommodation document, at the specific concept set out in the HOTELwebsite. 

5.6. In the event that the GUEST has acquired this protocoland the annexes thereto, through mail order, virtual POS, transfer or EFT, butbeen unable to sign it for any reason, the protocol between the two partieswill still be deemed valid and the GUEST has undertaken to purchase theservices set out in this protocol and the annexes thereto under the conditionsset out herein. 

5.7. The GUEST accepts and declares that he/she hasread and accepted this protocol after having obtained all types of informationabout the HOTEL named in this protocol and the annexes thereto, from thewebsite or sales representative of the HOTEL and performed all of the necessarychecks and research and that all of the information required to be disclosed tohim/her within the framework of the Legislation for the Protection of PersonalData and the Distant Sales Regulations have been disclosed. In addition tothis, the GUEST is aware and accepts that he/she has accessed and is able toaccess the information text and all information concerning the Legislation forthe Protection of Personal Data from the below address: https://www.corendonhotels.com/grand-park-lara/kisisel-veri-koruma-politikasi/


6.1. The information concerning the accommodation, which isthe subject of this hereby agreement, have been examined and assessed by theGUEST on the website of the HOTEL. The pricing information and the service tobe obtained have been ascertained and assessed with all of their details, priorto the signing of the agreement. The accommodation fee and the manner ofpayment can be seen by the GUEST on the website, before completing thereservation and the GUEST can choose one of the payment alternatives, ofhis/her own free will. The GUEST can complete the payment by entering his/hercredit card details into the system. The system which is used in OnlineReservations and in the Call Centre, into the which the credit carddetails will be entered, is protected by an international security software andit is not possible for the information to be seen or copied in any way.However, the Hotel cannot be held responsible for any losses incurred bythe GUEST arising from the software, such as viruses, etc. present on thecomputer of the GUEST or any other form of negligence by the GUEST, whichresults in the passwords and information being obtained by third parties. TheGUEST accepts, declares and undertakes that the HOTEL is not subject to anypenalties and does not have any compensation obligations and that he/she willpay any losses which may be incurred by the HOTEL as a result of this. 

6.2. It is the duty of care of a GUEST with goodintentions to notify any issues concerning which the GUEST has complaints, tothe Guest Relations Manager of the HOTEL, in writing, during the performance ofthe services and ensure that a written report is prepared in this respect, withthe evidence related to the subject of the complaint being attached to thereport. Should the GUEST continue to receive services without giving notice ofhis/her complaints, until the end, will void the right of the GUEST tocompensation such as replacement services or refunds. 

6.3. Circumstances of force majeure: circumstancessuch as strikes, lockouts, state of war, public uprisings, natural disasters,flooding, fire and unforeseeable technical matters, etc. are deemed to becircumstances of force majeure. The HOTEL has the right to cancel accommodationas a result of the accommodation not starting or there being hurdles to thecontinuation of the accommodation, due to circumstances such as these. TheGUEST will not have the right to demand compensation in such circumstances. Anyfees pertaining to the periods during which services could not be provided willbe refunded to the GUEST. In addition to this, in the event of the death,illness, accident suffered by, etc. of the GUEST and / or immediate family ofthe GUEST, this being documented and the HOTEL giving its own written consent,the fee for the period of accommodation which was not used will be refunded bythe HOTEL. 

6.4. Where accommodation has been sold together withthe announcement that an artist will perform at the resort, and circumstancesoutside the control of the HOTEL (the illness of the artist concerned, thedeclaration of national mourning, a state of mourning as a result of acts ofterrorism or other social incidents in Turkey and / or the cancellation of theperformance on the instructions of the Office of the Governor, the Directorateof Security and / or other state authority) occur, the HOTEL reserves the rightto change the artist and / or cancel the performance. The GUEST accepts,declares and undertakes that it will not demand the refund of any fees orcompensation under any name whatsoever, in circumstances such as these. 

6.5. The HOTEL Reservation Document (Voucher) is anintegral part of this hereby protocol which contains preliminary informationand the terms and conditions, and is binding on the parties. 

6.6. The GUEST accepts and undertakes to cover alltypes of losses which may be incurred by the HOTEL as a result of the violationby the GUEST of any of the articles of the agreement. Furthermore, the GUEST isresponsible for any losses or damages it causes to everyone, including but notlimited to the hotel, its employees, other clients, third parties, etc., duringhis/her period of accommodation at the HOTEL. 

6.7. The HOTEL has the right to cancel all reservations andservices in the name of the GUEST after 24 hours in the event that the GUEST isnot present at the HOTEL at the start of the reservation period, unless he/shehas notified the HOTEL in writing that he/she will arrive. No refunds will bemade to the GUEST under such circumstances. 

6.8. Photographs may be taken and filming made bypress organisations and / or the HOTEL, during the period of accommodation ofthe GUEST at the HOTEL, and these may be published in all types of media. TheGUEST is required to notify the HOTEL in writing should he/she wish not to be apart of these photographs and films. The GUEST accepts, declares and undertakesthat he/she will not demand any royalties / fees / compensation, if he/she hasnot provided the HOTEL with such a written notification. 

6.9. No fees for the use of a remote communication toolwill be charged to the GUEST during the process of the execution of theagreement. 

6.10. The necessary measures have been taken to ensurethe continuity of the systems of the HOTEL and security, in accordance with theLegislation for the Protection of Personal Data. However, the HOTEL cannot beheld responsible for the transmission of any type of harmful computer software,communication errors, theft, destruction, unapproved access to and the changingof the records and all types of use which are in violation of the law, arisingfrom the GUEST himself/herself or his/her belongings, resulting in a weaknessin the systems. 

6.11. The GUEST is personally and completelyresponsible for ensuring that the information he/she has shared concerning theperson/persons who are to stay at the HOTEL, via the website or the callcentre, has been shared with the consent of the said person/persons and thatthe data which has been shared is correct. Any disputes arising as a result ofdata being shared without the consent of the said person/persons will be theresponsibility of the GUEST and the person/persons whose data was shared. TheGUEST is personally responsible for any costs and problems arising from theinformation which has been provided being incorrect. Furthermore, our guestsare responsible for requesting that any incorrect information is corrected,using the methods of application contained in the Information Declaration. TheHOTEL cannot be held responsible for these costs and problems in anymanner. 

6.12. The HOTEL has the right to unilaterally cancel anyincorrect reservations, which have been made as a result of incorrectlydisplayed prices and other issues, as a result of technical errors in thecomputer software or programmes. 

6.13. The confidentiality of the information belongingto the GUEST is valid in all extensions which begin with the internet addressof the HOTEL. The personal information of the GUEST will not be shared withthird parties under any circumstances. The payment for the product you wish topurchase using a credit card will be made through a virtual POS device providedby our current contracted banks. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology, whichcodes the data flowing between your processor and the HOTEL, is used to keepthe said data private and confidential. This technology ensures that yourcredit card details, which have been entered on the internet, is even more secure.Your personal data is stored on the database of the HOTEL, but your creditcard details are not stored on our system or records for securityreasons.  


7.1. The provisions of the Legislation Concerning theProtection of the Consumer numbered 6502 and the relevant Regulations willprimarily apply in respect of the solving of any disputes arising from theimplementation of this hereby accommodation agreement, with the parties havingthe right to make applications to the Consumer Courts and / orthe Consumer Issues Arbitration Committee, within the boundaries of law.The courts and enforcement offices of Antalya are the institutions which arecompetent with respect to the solving of disputes. 

The consumer accepts and declares that he/she has obtainedone copy of all of the information including the  nature of theservice which is the subject of the agreement, the sales price, the terms ofpayment, information concerning performance, the preliminary information, andall matters set out in the introductory and reservation pages of the website,in the electronic environment, that he/she has read and become informed of themand that he/she has provided the necessary confirmation in the electronicenvironment. 

Grand Park Lara 

Address: Kemerağzı Mah. Yaşar Sobutay Bulvarı No:339 Aksu,Antalya 

For furtherinformation: https://www.corendonhotels.com/grand-park-lara/

The data we have collected with this hereby form iscollected and processed within the framework of the Information Statement onthe website of our company. For further information and your rights,click here - https://www.corendonhotels.com/grand-park-lara/genel-aydinlatma-beyani/